Reimagining Existing Systems for Sustainability

If you’ve ever considered the services of an environmental consultant like WolfPeak, it’s likely that you’ve also doubted the sustainability of your existing systems and processes. Never fear, we say. Plenty of businesses have been in a similar position and emerged on the other side as a picture of sustainability and corporate responsibility. All it […]

Ready for a Career Change? How to transition into the environmental sector with WolfPeak

pat whelen

Find purpose and personal development with a mid-career switch into environmental consulting with WolfPeak. Are you ready to make a real difference for the planet? As the world faces up to climate challenges on multiple fronts, the environmental sector is a critical line of defence. WolfPeak helps protect our vital ecosystems and threatened species. We […]

Emerging Trends – An Outlook of Australia’s Infrastructure Industry

infrastructure environmental managemen

Published: 25 July 2022 As Australia emerges from the impacts and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is predicted to experience an economic recovery, as growth opportunities arise for the infrastructure industry. While there are currently exceptional levels of construction demands and government commitments to infrastructure spending, numerous challenges also face the industry. […]

Employee Spotlight: Infrastructure and Environmental Management with Brendan Shannon

brendan shannon

Brendan Shannon Practice Lead — Infrastructure and Environmental Management Brendan Shannon leads the infrastructure division of WolfPeak. He has developed environmental management plans for large-scale infrastructure projects, including Western Sydney Airport, and has extensive environmental management experience across a range of large transport, infrastructure and construction projects. WolfPeak’s infrastructure division has an impressive track record […]

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