Government & Strategic Advisory

Our experts immerse themselves in your work to affect real change.

When complex projects need sophisticated solutions, our people affect change by immersing themselves in the work, rather than just advising from the sidelines. Our team is regularly seconded into government agencies to assist with project and stakeholder issues that need an expert external view or some new energy and ideas to deliver the required outcomes.

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We help governments solve complex problems and find pathways to deliver outcomes.

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Data driven solutions

We understand that some projects get tricky, many stakeholders get involved or you just don’t have enough hands to get the work done. That's where we come in. We provide people that can support you to get the job done. Whether that is strategic thinking to nut out a problem, help craft policy or simply some additional competent and effective team members to provide momentum and get the project over the line.


Strategy & Relationships

Our team brings experience in policy, politics, media, communications, stakeholder engagement and problem-solving and our reputations and relationships are our most valuable assets. After many years of working in the sector, we've built solid relationships and developed industry respect. We use these to get to the heart of an issue, work with stakeholders to find amenable solutions and then deliver the best outcomes for our clients and the community.


Project Management

Our team brings tried and tested project management techniques that fit your needs. We present progress, identify future needs and provide advice to address gaps. To ensure the project is successful, we work with stakeholders from all sectors - within and outside government. We listen to their interests and concerns about the project and then obtain approval.

We use our industry relationships to get to the heart of an issue and work with stakeholders to find amenable solutions.

We’re proud to work with a range of clients across various industries and projects.


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We are well accustomed to site-based roles and the challenges of delivering major infrastructure projects in tight timeframes and sensitive locations.

Solving complex issues for your business.

We are a team of like-minded, motivated and skilled experts with broad knowledge and  experience – offering specialist consulting and project services.

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The Australian House of Representatives at the Australian Parliament
  • The Department of Premier and Cabinet The Department of Regional NSW
  • Resilience NSW
  • The Department of Planning and Environment
  • Transport for NSW
  • TransGrid
  • Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Office of Local Government
  • Local Land Services
  • Kempsey Shire Council, Dubbo Regional Council
  • NSW Telco Authority
  • Australian Rail Track Corporation

Has your project reached a difficult stage? We can assist with project issues that need an expert external view.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Government and Strategic Advisor works with government agencies and companies, overseeing their activities to ensure peak productivity at all times.

They are responsible for ensuring that teams handling internal roles for the government perform their duties at the maximum level possible, engaging with upper-level management to determine how to move results forward, and providing smart business methods.

Our strategic advisory services include environmental planning, sustainability, risk audits and compliance, biodiversity and natural resource management, infrastructure and environmental management.

WolfPeak consultants can help government agencies to sieve through the issues, work as a team and deliver a well-considered project. Our personnel are proficient and understand the nuances of what it means to work in Government. Our approachable nature, willingness to work flexibly and take the initiative means we can truly support our clients to deliver what is needed.

Government & Strategic Advisors provide job-supporting staff to help government agencies with complex projects. This division covers many aspects of governance, including policymaking, media, communications, politics, stakeholder engagement, and problem-solving.

Government and Strategic Advisory also provides the extra hand that agencies and their stakeholders need to solve their various issues. For instance, Government and Strategic Advisors can provide both strategic thinkers to help craft policies, and additional qualified and effective team members to implement and finish the project if needed.

Strategic advisory involves finding root cause problems and working with stakeholders to find ideal solutions. Advisors will work with the relevant stakeholders to find solutions that can best serve the client while also helping communities.

While on the job, Strategic Advisors use proven project management strategies. They collect data, report progress, identify needs, and recommend solutions. They also engage with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the project’s success.

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