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WolfPeak are experts in the delivery of major infrastructure, having provided environmental support and leadership to some of the most important projects throughout NSW. We understand the complex challenges posed at each stage of project delivery, whether they be environmental, regulatory or organisational.

We understand the importance of program and the need to provide high quality and reliable outputs. We understand the complexity of competing challenges and the need for intelligent solutions. WolfPeak provide both, and help clients realise opportunities to achieve outstanding results.

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Delivering effective solutions for any complex challenge your business faces.

Expert Offering (Large)

Expert Offering

Our expertise includes EIS management and technical review, tender support (budget development, technical advice, environmental returnable schedules and client interactives), EMS and CEMP development and implementation, construction phase expertise (environmental leadership, site support, compliance and monitoring) and independent environmental representative support.

Experienced Team (Medium)

Experienced Team

Our team have held various environmental leadership and support roles for clients including Transport for NSW, major civil and construction contractors, and the Department of Planning Industry and Environment. We understand how each stakeholder fits into the infrastructure ecosystem, what their drivers are, and how to optimise their engagement so that projects are delivered seamlessly.

proactive management

Proactive Management

We help get the environmental aspects of your project off the critical path.

We understand the complexity of competing challenges and the need intelligent solutions.

We’re proud to work with a range of clients across various industries and projects.


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We are experts at understanding complex challenges posed at each project delivery stage.

Solving complex issues for your business.

We are a team of like-minded, motivated and skilled experts with broad knowledge and  experience – offering specialist consulting and project services.

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Snowy 2.0

Future Generation Joint Venture

Wellington Solar

Sterling and Wilson/Light Source BP

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Infrastructure & Environmental Management


WestConnex New M5 Motorway (M8)

Transport for NSW

M6 Motorway Stage 1

Transport for NSW

WestConnex Rozelle Interchange

CPB John Holland Joint Venture

Northern Beaches Hospital Connectivity and Network Enhancement Project

Ferrovial York Joint Venture

sydney rail


Sydney Metro West Central Tunnelling Package

Acciona Ferrovial Joint Venture

Skytrain North West Rail Link

Salini Impregilo

Inland Rail Parkes to Narromine


Maitland to Minimbah Third Track Project


Botany Rail Duplication


Transport Access Programs

Transport for NSW

St Mary's Intermodal

Pacific National.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental management is the practice of minimization and mitigation of human impacts on the surrounding environment. It involves planning, operating, monitoring, developing and upgrading environmental methodology to more effectively deal with natural resources.  Environmental management also focuses on describing and monitoring environmental changes alongside forecasting and predicting future changes for safeguarding the planet.

Understanding the composition and operation of the earth’s systems, as well as the relationships between people and their surroundings, are key components of environmental management. Environmental management seeks to encourage human behaviours that have a positive influence on the environment in order to regulate processes and safeguard the planet.

Infrastructure and environmental management involves working with clients from the tender stage, through to delivery and completion of the infrastructure project. This includes working on project approvals andenvironmental management plans for all aspects of the project, plus onsite management and support to the construction team.

Resource management, geography, environmental science, and other fields are covered by environmental management. Assessment, management, and oversight of an organisation’s environmental effects are also included.

As all human activities ultimately have some environmental impact, environmental management affects everyone to some degree. It is about making decisions regarding the use of natural resources, contaminating habitats, and altering ecosystems

Our team is made up of experts who have worked on major construction projects at every level; from installing environmental controls and undertaking monitoring, to environmental manager roles. We have significant project experience on road, rail, hydro power, solar, intermodal and port projects in NSW, and geothermal energy projects in South Australia. We live and breathe construction.

At WolfPeak, we approach our work with a passion for sustainable development and a deep sense of kinship to the environment. We are a group of like-minded, driven, and knowledgeable specialists who have a wide range of experience resolving strategic and methodical problems. We also draw on our relationships with the government and businesses to get the greatest results for our clients. We take pride in our ability to communicate effectively so that our suggestions, opinions and research produce real business outcomes.

WolfPeak also provides a vast array of professional audits and management services for sustainability. Exemplar Global certified Lead Auditors and IS Council Infrastructure Sustainability Accredit Professionals (ISAP) are members of our highly talented, award-winning team who may offer significant contributions to your project.

Yes, for the last 5 years we have worked on the Snowy 2.0 projects in various capacities, from preparing the environmental management plans required for construction, to senior environmental management support and advisory roles on the project. We have worked on a major geothermal energy project in South Australia and on the construction phase of a solar energy project in Central West NSW. We have also undertaken several environmental assessments of power supply infrastructure to a wind farm located in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

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