Reimagining Existing Systems for Sustainability

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If you’ve ever considered the services of an environmental consultant like WolfPeak, it’s likely that you’ve also doubted the sustainability of your existing systems and processes.  

Never fear, we say. Plenty of businesses have been in a similar position and emerged on the other side as a picture of sustainability and corporate responsibility.  

All it takes is a focused lens on your most inefficient functions and unsustainable systems. Maybe you need to update your environmental data management systems, or perhaps your audit and compliance monitoring processes require a second look. After all, no good change has ever occurred without the desire to change and question longstanding ways of life.  

So, are you ready to ask the hard questions? Of course you are – why else would you have read this far?  


Some Questions to Consider 


The breadth of clients we have worked with makes it difficult to summarise the not-so-simple process of “greening” your existing systems. What works for one business may not apply the same to the next, however, there are lessons to be learnt from every case study on our website. 

With this knowledge, we’ve compiled a few questions which will kick-off your journey to more sustainable systems. Once answered, you  should have a clearer picture of how to improve your business.  


What issues and impediments are the existing systems creating? 

Older systems may not consider all the factors that have arisen with the developments of technology and society. This can cause blind spots in systems which could be made more sustainable with a quick re-evaluation.  

If you’re in construction, for example, and your systems don’t account for carbon emission regulations, this can cause your project to breach said regulations and halt operations.  

Or, if you run a warehouse, and you’ve been prioritising cost over carbon, there are sure to be ways to reimagine your operating systems to reduce your impact.  


What aren’t they doing that you want them to do? 

Have you always wished your system could do X as well as Y? Perhaps you want to measure the amount of natural light being used in your warehouse or calculate the number of solar panels required to power it. These calculations may be more achievable than first thought.  


What’s stopping you from upgrading? 

One difficult question to consider is why you’ve chosen to stick with existing systems for so long. Everybody has their own reason, and it seems reasonable until you introduce the newer model. Cost, complexity and risk are all fair reasons to be wary of change, but they can all be navigated with the right advice and solution.  

If you’re scared that eco-focused systems will cost more due to their advanced technology, you may be surprised by the cost savings made possible by more efficient systems.  

Complexity will always pose an issue for business development, but you shouldn’t allow it to stagnate your entire operation. Bringing the economy and the environment into harmony – as is the WolfPeak mission – doesn’t promise to be easy, but it sure will be worth it.  

As for risk, that is what consultants like WolfPeak are here to reduce. Where you see risk, we see opportunity. All it takes is a commitment to continual improvement, and your business can navigate risk while taking advantage of more sustainable processes.  


How can new technology complement your current systems?  

Tired of hearing about artificial intelligence? Well strap in. AI can be a great help in analysing data, forecasting results, and even identifying risks in your current processes. Harnessing this controversial technology is all about how you use it.  

Best of all, many AI tools are free or fairly cheap and your business hardly has to change a thing. This is a great example of adding new technologies to your old ones and reaping the sustainable rewards.  

Another example: if you don’t have the resources or funding to replace your most inefficient systems, try powering them with renewable energy. Of course, solar panels come with cost, but it may be far less than replacing all those old units. Plus, many Australian states offer great rebates on the installation of this growing technology. 


Our Final Tip 

Upgrade in stages 

No one is asking you to reimagine your entire operation. Unless of course you’re so far behind that regulations are forcing you too… 

Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the sheer opportunity afforded by newer systems, just choose your most inefficient ones and consider how they can be better utilised. 

Swap out some globes; sort by carbon output instead of cost; find a biodegradable grease for that conveyor belt. Small changes are all it takes to start becoming more sustainable. 

If you’re stuck for where to start, WolfPeak has consulted on all kinds of projects like an Amazon warehouse, the Sydney Light Rail, WestConnex, and so many others. Just check out our Projects page to learn more.  

If you’re convinced that we can take you to the next level – and even if you’re not – get in touch with our team and enjoy a free 30-minute conversation where we’ll put your best foot forward. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s build a sustainable legacy, together.

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