Ready for a Career Change? How to transition into the environmental sector with WolfPeak

Find purpose and personal development with a mid-career switch into environmental consulting with WolfPeak.

Are you ready to make a real difference for the planet? As the world faces up to climate challenges on multiple fronts, the environmental sector is a critical line of defence. WolfPeak helps protect our vital ecosystems and threatened species. We refuse to work for the big mines and hydrocarbon companies. And we’re offering you an opportunity to use your professional skills for good.  

Historically, the bulk of the work in the environmental sector was acting for the mines and hydrocarbon companies. But that’s no longer the case. The environmental sector is growing rapidly as government and business put increasing value on environmental protection, and WolfPeak works to defend ecosystems and empower communities to stand their ground against environmental destruction.

That’s a challenge that’s taking our business into a range of new areas. So we’re building a team of passionate professionals with diverse skill sets. Maybe you’re a project manager at a construction firm who’s looking for a change. Perhaps you’re a public sector planner who’s eager for a new challenge.. Or maybe you’re a lawyer, engineer, accountant or scientist who is keen to transfer your skills into the environmental sector. 

“We’re less interested in technical experience in the environmental sector and more interested in passionate, self-motivated people who want to make a difference,” says Tim Stubbs, Director and Principal Environmental Engineer at WolfPeak. “Work should be as rewarding and nourishing as possible. We want to extend that opportunity to a range of professionals from various backgrounds who may not even be aware that their existing problem-solving, communication and analytical skills can be transferred into a role at WolfPeak.”

Supporting your career transition

However, WolfPeak understands that making a mid-career switch into the environmental sector may come with some concerns. You need to feel supported throughout your transition. WolfPeak delivers that through our mentoring culture that’s formalised in the fundamental structure of the business. 

“A lot of environmental consultancies are structured like a triangle, with limited senior experience at the top and a larger number of mid-level and junior staff filling out the bottom of the triangle,” Tim explains. “WolfPeak is the opposite. We have a large base of highly experienced people who are well-versed in the technical aspects of our work, so you will always have a large support structure around you.”

Imogen Gay, Government Advisory Consultant at WolfPeak, has certainly felt that support. She says WolfPeak’s supportive structure has put her in a unique position to build her skills and career in the environmental sector. 

“On my first day at WolfPeak, I found myself sitting next to the director of the company. At a larger firm, there are very few opportunities to be working one-on-one with the director of the organisation,” she says. “But at WolfPeak, I have been supported by all these really experienced and knowledgeable people who have invested time in me and have helped facilitate my learning and my growth in the space.”  

That’s not an experience many of her colleagues at larger consultancies share: “At large firms, you work in a really big team that’s under an even bigger team, and as a result, you work on isolated tasks and don’t really understand the big picture. So you tend to feel lost swimming in this big ocean. But at WolfPeak, I’ve got this wonderful network of people that I’m walking hand-in-hand with.” 

Choose your own pathway

Career development also works a little differently at WolfPeak. The company is first and foremost driven by people. David Stubbs, Regional Manager at WolfPeak, says that means giving team members the opportunity to push the business into new practice areas. 

“The environmental sector is constantly evolving, and often it is our people who identify opportunities and lead the business into new areas that align with their skills and passions,” he says. “There is open access to the company’s directors, so if you have a good business case for exploring a new practice area, then there’s a good chance you’ll be given the lead to develop that new department.” 

It’s a ‘choose-your-own adventure’ approach to career development, and it’s a level of opportunity that far exceeds what’s available at larger firms or within government departments. Claire Macpherson, a Sustainability Consultant at WolfPeak, says it’s a vastly different experience from those she’s had at previous employers.    

“I came from a large private contractor, and at larger organisations, there can be a tendency to be pigeon-holed. But at WolfPeak there’s a genuine sense of encouragement to pursue what you want to work on,” she explains. “For example, I am directly involved in our strategy meetings as a member of the sustainability team. We have the opportunity to plan our pathways for the future and the areas we want to focus on..” 

Sharing the profit 

This people-driven approach to personal career and wider business development also offers potential financial rewards for WolfPeak employees. David explains that 25 percent of the company’s profits are shared among the employees – and developing new practice areas provides the added opportunity to not only boost the company’s profit, but also increase your share in that profit.  

“Once you’ve worked for WolfPeak for 12 months, you qualify for the profit share,” David says. “Every full-time employee in the organisation can take part, and you earn more shares as you take on more management responsibility. And your shares double if you become a practice lead, so there’s potentially a tangible financial benefit if you develop a new practice area.”

“The profit share is about prioritising our people,” Tim concludes. “As a company, we only have value if we have good people.”


Interested in making a mid-career switch into the environmental sector? Check out our current vacant positions, or contact us for a friendly chat about how WolfPeak can help you make the transition. 

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