Exceed your sustainability goals cost effectively.

Excelling in sustainability is becoming increasingly important to governments, investors and society more broadly. WolfPeak can work with your project or organisation to identify sustainability opportunities and find innovative ways of doing things that can lead to better environmental and social outcomes, and cost savings.

Our experienced people can develop sustainability management systems, prepare sustainability rating scheme submissions, provide support for data capture and reporting, and undertake independent sustainability audits of your project or organisation.

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Our diverse team solve larger, more complex issues while focusing on your specific requirements.


Experts in Public and Private Sectors

Our experience on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects, across both the private and public sectors, enables us to provide invaluable knowledge and expertise to support achieving meaningful, sustainable outcomes. Our team is passionate about raising awareness around sustainability and working collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams and varied stakeholders to broaden sustainability knowledge.

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Certified Expert Team

Our highly skilled, award-winning team includes Exemplar Global certified Lead Auditors and Infrastructure Sustainability Council Accredited Professionals (ISAP), who can provide valuable input to your project or organisation.

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Valued Relationships

Our working relationships are based on respect, honesty, responsiveness, and flexibility. We pride ourselves on communicating clearly, so our ideas, advice, and findings lead to tangible business results.

We are industry approved which means we easily develop pathways to positive outcomes.

We’re proud to work with a range of clients across various industries and projects.


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We are well accustomed to site-based roles and the challenges of delivering major infrastructure projects in tight timeframes and sensitive locations.

Solving complex issues for your business.

We are a team of like-minded, motivated and skilled experts with broad knowledge and  experience – offering specialist consulting and project services.

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Working collaboratively multidisciplinary teams to establish sustainability management systems and develop associated documentation to drive sustainable outcomes on projects

Preparing Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) Rating strategies and supporting delivery of your project's IS Rating submission



Conducting independent sustainability auditing in line AS/NZS ISO 19011 and IS Rating requirements, to identify areas improvement and maximise sustainability outcomes on projects



Providing expert technical advice, including performing the Independent Sustainability Professional (ISP) role on Projects

Performing resource usage analyses (including energy, water, and materials) and identifying opportunities footprint reduction and innovation.

Invaluable knowledge and expertise to support achieving more meaningful, sustainable outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability is a socially responsible practice that ensures projects and organsations are delivered and operated to not only minimise environmental impacts and resource depletion, but also promote positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes.

Sustainability is crucial because the proper implementation of sustainability measures can ensure continual ecological stability and the capacity for future generations to meet their own needs.

WolfPeak offers a range of sustainability services including the delivery of Infrastructure Sustainability and Green Star ratings; development and implementation of sustainability policy, strategy, and management systems; independent sustainability auditing and review; resource usage modelling (including greenhouse gas assessment and reporting); and training and education.

WolfPeak’s sustainability team comprises of leading practitioners who have extensive experience in the construction sector and who are effective at producing sustainable project outcomes. All of our sustainability consultants have certifications from leading industry bodies, including Infrastructure Sustainability Council and Green Building Council of Australia as IS Accredited Professionals (ISAP), Green Star Accredited Professional, Exemplar Global Certified Lead Auditor in Environmental Management Systems, and IS Council Verifiers.

Absolutely! The best thing to do is get in touch with us and we can discuss your needs and determine a suitable solution.

By implementing sustainable measures, you will be promoting cost-saving actions to your business orproject. Examples include electricity cuts through the use of renewables, longer-lasting building materials via the implementation of sustainably sourced products, or better community feedback via the promotion of your sustainable practices.

What is an ISC rating?

An ISC Rating is an Infrastructure Sustainability rating administered through the Infrastructure Sustainability Council. It can be applied to a wide range of infrastructure projects and evaluates social, economic and environmental performance to deliver the most robust sustainability outcomes.

Yes, we can. WolfPeak’s Sustainability Practice Lead, Ann Azzopardi, has over 10 years’ experience in her field and has performed the role of ISP on numerous infrastructure projects. Ann is also an Exemplar Global certified Lead Auditor.

A sustainability strategy is a set of actions that a business implements to provide a pathway and vision to advance sustainability across a sector.

Sustainability auditing is a review of a project’s internal systems to measure and report its environmental performance.

The Green Star rating scheme is an industry-recognised sustainability review system by the Green Building Council of Australia, providing building design and construction certification for sustainability benchmarks.

The United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are a set of 17 inter-decadal global objectives set out by the United Nations,intended to be achieved by 2030. These goals are often interlinked, ranging from eliminating poverty, to achieving gender equality, and undertaking stronger climate action.

Australia has committed to the United Nations SDGs agenda, to meeting both domestically and internationally through various measures. includes 169 targets

Australia has committed to the United Nation’s SDGs agenda (with 169 targets to meet by 2030), which means that our nation aims to contribute to these goals, both domestically and internationally, through various measures.

Net zero refers to the goal of negating all greenhouse gases emitted from human activity. This carbon neutrality target can be achieved through reducing anthropogenic emissions or implementing methods to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

Certified B Corporation ratings can be granted to businesses who meet verified social and environmental performance standards. This includes implementing sustainable and ethical corporate practices.

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