Environmental Planning & Assessments

Your project needs to be delivered on time, with practical and optimal environmental and sustainability outcomes achieved.

We are experts in environmental assessments and planning approvals to foster projects from concept to delivery.

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Practical and achievable solutions to environmental risks, project constraints and the assessment process.

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Infrastructure & Development Assessments

When environmental impacts of the development need to be assessed, we have the experience to provide assistance with the preparation of assessments in a range of developments and infrastructure projects. We have significant experience in scoping and managing Environmental Impact Statements, and in the preparation of assessments for a range of developments and infrastructure projects. Our knowledge of the planning system and on site experience means that we can successfully foster projects from concept to delivery, with practical and achievable solutions to environmental risks, project constraints and the assessment process.

Intelligent and practical environmental plans

Intelligent & Practical Plans

With years of onsite experience, we develop practical, intelligent environmental plans with a focus on delivery. We also review Construction Environmental Management Plans and sub-plans on behalf of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. This means we know what they need to approve plans quickly and get your project moving.


Efficient approvals, on time.

Our team is also available for secondment, embedding into project teams, to deliver and manage planning approvals in the most efficient way possible. We have provided this service for the Department of Planning Industry and Environment, local Councils, TransGrid, Transport for NSW and the Australian Rail Track Corporation.

We know what it takes to construct a major Australian infrastructure project from concept to delivery.

We’re proud to work with a range of clients across various industries and projects.


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Our team is specialists in environmental assessment and planning approvals. We provide projects on time with optimal environmental and sustainability outcomes.

Solving complex issues for your business.

We are a team of like-minded, motivated and skilled experts with broad knowledge and  experience – offering specialist consulting and project services.

CapState Small CTA

Transmission line remediations, upgrades and extensions (multiple across NSW)


M5 East Water Treatment Plant Replacement and Georges River Bridge Bearing

Transurban / Transport for NSW

Optical Fibre Installation Dharawal National Park


Warialda Fire Trail Fire Access Upgrades and Town Asset Protection Zone Development

National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS)

Warialda Fire Trail Fire Access Upgrades and Town Asset Protection Zone Development

Soil Conservation Service / Crown Lands

Sea to Summit Walking Trail Yarriabini National Park, Bongil Bongil Fire Access Fire Trail Upgrades

National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS)

Port Macquarie Foreshore Redevelopment

Port Macquarie Hastings Council

10 Landslide Remediation Projects

MidCoast Council

Upper Macleay Bridge Replacements

Kempsey Council

Providing invaluable experience in both the public and private sectors to get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental planning and assessment is typically conducted prior to starting a land development project. Environmental planners have to take the state of the natural environment and the land’s features into account.

As an example, in the case of an proposed hydroelectric dam project, this assessment would take into account the locations and flow rates of significant rivers, inspecting existing structures and infrastructure, neighbouring roads that might be used for the delivery of materials, and many other variables.

The cost of an environmental planning and assessment varies depending on the project planned.

Environmental Planning and Assessment involves ensuring that construction projects adhere to applicable environmental laws and regulations. Environmental planners are in charge of environmental permits. They also prepare environmental reports and papers, and aid in impact reduction.

An environmental risk assessment (ERA) is a report that identifies the health hazards of exposure to environmental toxins at a particular location and proposes potential remediation or removal efforts.

There are several types of environmental assessment, including:

  1. Environmental Vulnerability Assessment for Climate Change, Natural Hazards, or Disasters (EVULA)
  2. Environmental Valuation Assessment  (EVALA)
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment   (EIA)
  4. Post‐crisis Environmental Assessment (PCEA)

At Wolfpeak, we approach our work with a deep sense of kinship to the environment. We are a team of specialists with a wide range of knowledge and experience who share the same values.

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