How to Measure Your Renewable Energy Needs

wind power

You might think that reducing power usage and cutting down on waste is enough to make your business sustainable, unfortunately, it’s just the beginning.  It’s time to step up and take the next big leap. That means reducing – and ditching, where possible – conventional energy sources and transitioning towards renewable energy to reduce your […]

How to Calculate Your Carbon Emissions

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If your business is dipping its toes into sustainability (welcome!), you might feel like you’re drowning in the complexity of carbon accounting. This concept relates to the calculation of a business’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to better understand your contribution to climate change and use this information you to adjust your carbon management systems. If […]

The State of Renewable Energy in Australia

renewable energy in australia

A renewable revolution is well underway, make no mistake about it. While conservative parties pedal coal and gas as the future of Australia’s electricity generation, there are sure signs that the likes of solar, wind and hydro power are eating up their own share of the electrical grid.   Renewable energy in Australia has fought […]

Going Green: Powering Australia’s transition to renewable energy

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WolfPeak is helping renewable energy companies lead Australia’s transition to green power.    Australia depends on coal. It currently accounts for around 75 percent of our electricity generation. Australia is also the world’s largest exporter of coal, and controls around 6 percent of the world’s total coal resources. Put those numbers in the context of […]

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