What Is Your Industry’s Green Niche?

There are very few industries where sustainability can’t be harnessed as a competitive advantage, thus creating “green niches” for businesses to adopt. If your business has fallen into a slump or stagnation in recent years, you’re likely seeking ways to reinvent your offering. You could try targeting a new audience, rebranding, investing in R&D, or […]

How Accounting For Nature Can Add Value to Your Next Project

In our work consulting with businesses on their environmental impact, we’ve discovered a misconception that accounting for nature can be an inconvenience. Well, we’re here to dispel this myth and reveal how turning a new leaf can take your project to the next level. Of course, this idea is held by a minority of businesses, […]

The Spooky Reality of Climate Change: A Worst-Case Scenario

Image – thanks to Our future on Earth as we know it is at stake, with emphasis on, “as we know it.” We won’t beat around the bush, your bottom lines will mean very little, your interest rates will be far less interesting, and your marketing strategies will reach no one if the effects […]

The Risks of Greenwashing & How to Avoid It


For decades, businesses have examined, discussed and played with the idea of greenwashing, and the risks that come with it.  From infamous case studies like Chevron’s People Do campaign in the 1980s to Volkswagen’s deceptive low-emissions claims in 2015, greenwashing has always been a subject of great intrigue and scandal.  However, what we’ve learnt from case studies like these […]

How & Why to Move Beyond Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

Since the phrase “environmental, social and governance” (ESG) was introduced in the early 2000s, businesses have slowly realised the value of being environmentally sustainable.  It began with the odd solar panel and some posters about workplace equality and has quickly grown into a global movement of responsible businesses with the best intentions to do better […]

Best-Practice Environmental Compliance for Businesses

Best-Practice Environmental Compliance for Businesses

There are many sources you could turn to for best-practice environmental compliance. Every state of Australia has its own environmental protection agency (EPA) or equivalent, each with its own regulations and recommendations to keep businesses in check. However, for today, we’ve gone straight to the top for over-arching advice on how businesses can operate with total […]

A Quick Guide to the ACCC Guidelines on Environmental Claims

A Quick Guide to the ACCC Guidelines on Environmental Claims

In case you missed it, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently released its draft guidelines for businesses on environmental and sustainability claims. This publication acknowledges that consumers are increasingly considering such claims to make purchasing decisions. If a business made false or misleading claims (commonly known as “greenwashing”), it would give them an unfair […]

In the Office with David Stubbs: Minimising environmental impact one project at a time

David Stubbs

David Stubbs – Environmental Consultant David Stubbs is an experienced environmental consultant and project manager. He has spent the last decade writing and implementing environment management plans on major civil infrastructure projects across the natural resources, transport and forestry industries. David also has extensive experience driving responsible environmental management on projects for local Councils, Soil […]

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