Achieving the best outcomes for the environment, community and economy.

Environmental Specialist in Australia

Diverse expert knowledge. Dynamic problem-solving.

We offer specialist consulting and project services, solving complex strategic and systematic issues across the environmental, natural resource, planning, sustainability, policy and auditing sectors. We work hard and are guided by our integrity and commitment to doing good for our clients, the environment and the community.

WolfPeak drives results.

Our consultants have worked across public and private sectors, resulting in unparalleled experience, insights and relationships that mean we get the job done with minimal fuss.

We combine our culture of diverse expert knowledge, problem-solving, and practical experience with strategies that build trust and deliver. As a result, our solutions create real economic and environmental benefits for all involved.

We support you to move forward with our energy, relationships and experience.

Solving your problems so you can move forward and get the outcomes you need is why we exist. We are a diverse team with extensive experience and contacts. We bring these together to provide a bespoke solution that meets your needs.

We can work in-house, seamlessly integrating into your team or organisation or we can work in our offices to complete your project. Wherever we work our priority is to maximise communication and integration so we deliver the outcomes you need, when you need them.

We have worked on some of Australia’s largest projects and most challenging problems; with Australia’s most recognised companies and across all levels of government. This gives you access to invaluable knowledge and connections, and it enables us to deliver the best for every project and every client, big or small.


Driving sustainable outcomes. Delivering tangible business results.

Environmental Assessments & Planning Approvals

We get things built.

Biodiversity & Natural Resource Management

Preserving natural resources. Protecting our society.

Infrastructure & Environmental Management

Rapid, expert support: Get environment off the critical path.

Government & Strategic Advisory

Delivering results, not just reports.

Risk, Audit & Compliance

Keeping your projects on track through expert advice and continual improvement.

Our diverse knowledge and experience enables the economy to thrive whilst protecting the environment.

We’re proud to work with a range of clients across various industries and projects.

Achieving the best outcomes for the environment, community and the economy.

We are a team of like-minded, motivated and skilled experts with broad knowledge and experience – offering specialist consulting and project services. Discover how we can help your business with:

Specialist consulting and project services across the environmental, natural resource, planning, sustainability and auditing sectors.

We are united in protecting the environment, whilst building a strong economy and ensuring communities thrive.

Our team comprises environmental and earth scientists, policy advisors, environmental engineers and planners, natural resource managers, sustainability specialists and environmental auditors. We have worked across a wide variety of roles both in government and in the private sector. Our expert knowledge and diverse experience, along with our creative problem-solving approach, give us the ability to solve complex issues and deliver better than anyone else.

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