Achieving the best outcomes for the environment, community and economy.

Environmental Consultants & Specialists

Diverse expert knowledge. Dynamic problem-solving.

We offer specialist consulting and project services, solving complex strategic and systematic issues across the environmental, natural resource, planning, sustainability, policy and auditing sectors. We work hard and are guided by our integrity and commitment to doing good for our clients, the environment and the community.

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Forest Infrastructure & Environmental Management

WolfPeak drives results.

Our consultants have worked across public and private sectors, resulting in unparalleled experience, insights and relationships that mean we get the job done with minimal fuss.

We combine our culture of diverse expert knowledge, problem-solving, and practical experience with strategies that build trust and deliver. As a result, our solutions create real economic and environmental benefits for all involved.

We support you to move forward with our energy, relationships and experience.

Solving your problems so you can move forward and get the outcomes you need is why we exist. We are a diverse team with extensive experience and contacts. We bring these together to provide a bespoke solution that meets your needs.

We can work in-house, seamlessly integrating into your team or organisation or we can work in our offices to complete your project. Wherever we work our priority is to maximise communication and integration so we deliver the outcomes you need, when you need them.

We have worked on some of Australia’s largest projects and most challenging problems; with Australia’s most recognised companies and across all levels of government. This gives you access to invaluable knowledge and connections, and it enables us to deliver the best for every project and every client, big or small.

Driving sustainable outcomes. Delivering tangible business results.
Keeping your projects on track through expert advice and continual improvement.

Our diverse knowledge and experience enables the economy to thrive whilst protecting the environment.

We’re proud to work with a range of clients across various industries and projects.

Achieving the best outcomes for the environment, community and the economy.

We are a team of like-minded, motivated and skilled experts with broad knowledge and experience – offering specialist consulting and project services. Discover how we can help your business with:

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Specialist consulting and project services across the environmental, natural resource, planning, sustainability and auditing sectors.

We are united in protecting the environment, whilst building a strong economy and ensuring communities thrive.

Our team comprises environmental and earth scientists, policy advisors, environmental engineers and planners, natural resource managers, sustainability specialists and environmental auditors. We have worked across a wide variety of roles both in government and in the private sector. Our expert knowledge and diverse experience, along with our creative problem-solving approach, give us the ability to solve complex issues and deliver better than anyone else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental specialists are experts in identifying, monitoring, and mitigating environmental impacts resulting from human activity. Specialised management of the environment extends from development approvals and construction compliance to biodiversity management and sustainability strategies.

Employed by the proponent, an Environmental Specialist is an important role in any project as they ensure that all relevant state regulations are applied, such as the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979.

Environmental specialists perform a range of studies to determine the potential short and long-term effects of a development and suggest measures to minimise these impacts at all stages.

If you prefer to work with a team that are proficient, adaptable and approachable then WolfPeak are the consultants for you. We are highly skilled across a range of projects – from local developments to million-dollar infrastructure – and are recognized for our technical expertise.

We provide a range of expertise areas that reflect the depth and breadth of our team’s experience. WolfPeak provides:

* Environmental Assessments and Planning Approvals services
* Sustainability services
* Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management services
* Infrastructure and Environmental Management services
* Government and Strategic Advisory services
* Risk, Audit and Compliance services.
For further information on our services visit

No, however, we can provide the contact details for trusted consultants who have a great reputation in these disciplines.

No but we can provide the contact details for consultants and contractors who have a great reputation in this field.

No, however, we can provide the contact details for trusted consultants who have an upstanding reputation in this field.

FAQs for the Service page (Risk, Audit & Compliance) (

An Environmental Compliance Audit is an assessment of the compliance status of a project with Major Project Approval Conditions. It is a continual improvement process that assesses the implementation of environmental plans and programs, and the overall environmental performance of a development.

An Environmental Compliance Audit is important because it provides assurances to project teams, regulators and the community that project requirements are being met. It also drives continual improvement by identifying and recommending actions to address risks and deficiencies, or to realise opportunities.

What happens if we get non-compliances in a compliance audit required under a SSD/SSI approval?

Non-compliances (unfortunately) occur from time-to-time on all major projects. This is often due to the complexity of the works, project timelines and regulatory requirements. Common non-compliances include:

  • commencement of construction or activities occurring prior to the necessary approvals being granted or pre-commencement requirement shaving being fulfilled
    not implementing commitments or requirements contained within approved management plans and procedures
    not completing proper consultation with other relevant stakeholders
    clearing of vegetation, works being undertaken outside the approved boundaries or failing to submit environmental rehabilitation bonds.
  • When the Department receives information about a suspected breach, it will conduct an analysis of all available information.
  • Officers of the Department can use their formal investigative powers to gather evidence relevant to the investigations, request information or conduct formal interviews. This preliminary assessment may provide enough information to establish whether a breach has occurred or is likely to have occurred.
  • Based on that information, the Department may choose to proceed with an enforcement response or determine no response is required.
  • Where a breach is identified, the Department will consider the relevant information and decide on any enforcement action consistent with the Compliance Policy. Natural justice, also known as procedural fairness, is a fundamental principle considered by the Department.

Enforcement and other actions include:

  • prosecution, attracting fines up to $5 million and criminal convictions for the most serious offenses
    issuing fines up to $15,000 and official cautions
    issuing orders
    accepting enforceable undertakings
    negotiating practical solutions.

Risk, Audit and Compliance is an umbrella term for what is, essentially, three services; each of which provides businesses with assurance that they understand their risks and obligations, and allows them to act on deficiencies or opportunities.

Our Risk services provide an experienced team to look into a business’s operations with fresh eyes and with the understanding of industry best practice and current regulatory obligations. We adopt the processes from ISO 31000 along with any specific processes required under a business’ risk management processes. Inputs generally include inspections of business activities and key processes, interviews with business personnel and the review of documentation (including plans, procedures and records). Workshops may also be held with the client to work through each activity, the risks posed and the current controls in place. Generally, the outputs include a register identifying hazards, the consequence and likelihood of the hazards being realised (i.e. the risk), a rating of each risk (generally classified as low, moderate, high, extreme, or similar), and recommended actions to address each risk. Assessment of a business’s risk can also include identifying opportunities which may have otherwise not been understood.

Our Audit services involve an assessment of a business or project activities against a set of requirements over a set period. These can be corporate requirements, legislative requirements (e.g. approvals and licences), or industry standards. The inputs generally include inspections, interviews and document reviews, with an output generally being a report presenting an independent view on how the business or project is performing against the relevant criteria, along with recommended actions to address any deficiencies identified. We conduct all audits in accordance with ISO 19011, alongsideany specific business or regulatory requirements, and take a practical and pragmatic approach to provide clients with appropriate solutions and confidence.

Our Compliance services relate to WolfPeak assisting businesses to navigate their (often complex) environmental and planning compliance obligations. This generally involves a team member who is highly experienced and skilled in navigating compliance requirements working within a business, often by integrating into their teams, and developing processes and outputs to help ensure that compliance is achieved.

WolfPeak has built its Risk, Audit and Compliance capabilities over the last 10 years to become one of the most respected organisations in this field. We apply a robust problem-solving approach to all our work, including these services. This is drawn from our extensive experience working on, and providing independent support to, complex large-scale projects.
Our team has held environmental leadership roles with delivery teams and regulatory roles within State Government including the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE), the NSW Environment Protection Authority, the Natural Resources Commission, the former Department of Land & Water Conservation and the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal.

Our team has been approved by DPE, the Resources Regulator and the Department of Water and the Environment as the Independent Auditors, Risk Assessors or Environmental Representatives for scores of significant State projects.

All major projects have a range of challenging environmental, community and regulatory issues and settings. We are able to navigate these challenges and provide advice that gives our clients the confidence and clarity they need to succeed.

Yes, we have been approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment as Environmental Representatives on numerous major projects in NSW including Westconnex, Inland Rail, M6, Cruise Passenger Terminal, and Hunter Rail.

Yes, we have been approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment as independent environmental auditors on many major projects in NSW including Westconnex, Sydney Opera House, numerous school infrastructure projects, Enfield and Moorebank Intermodal Terminals, Sydney Modern, and Wollongong Coal.

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