Women in Construction Industry Innovation Grant Program

WolfPeak staff were embedded into Infrastructure NSW to support the delivery of the Women in Construction Grant Program, which was designed to fund industry initiatives that encourage female participation and retention in construction.

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The grant program was aimed towards creating inclusive workplace culture, increasing the number of women entering and remaining in the industry, and supporting female leadership.

The key assignment of the WolfPeak team was establishing the Program Management Framework inclusive of Program Guidelines, the Program Management Plan, Assessment Methodology Plan, Probity, Risk and Evaluation Plans, and Stakeholder Engagement Plans. WolfPeak facilitated the assessment of applications, data management, and preparation of correspondence to customers, external parties, and Ministerial Offices.

As WolfPeak is a female-majority workforce, our provision of support services to Infrastructure NSW for the Women in Construction Grant directly contributes to a more equitable and inclusive society aligned with our company values.

Our involvement in the development of this grant has progressed the creation of clear professional pathways for women in the industry, activated the removal of obstacles that prevent women from feeling safe and included in workplaces, and has played a role in keeping government accountable for the achievement of 15% women in construction by 2030.


Women in Construction Industry Innovation Grant Program


Infrastructure for NSW


Lead Consultant




3 months, 2021

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EIS management and technical review


Tender support


Environmental Management System (EMS)


Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP)


Construction phase expertise


Independent Environmental Representative support

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