Strategic Tourism Analysis

DSNSW wanted to take a more strategic approach to investment in the development and support of tourism product in the DSNSW region.

The region covers the south eastern portion of NSW and includes eight local government area.

WolfPeak was engaged with TRC tourism (a specialist tourism consultant) to improve DSNSWs strategic analysis capacity. This involved the following steps:

  • develop an analysis rubric for ongoing use by councils
  • undertake a comprehensive product audit of all tourism offerings in the region
  • the creation of an interactive map of the region using ArcGIS.


As lead consultant, WolfPeak managed all aspects of the project. The interaction with DSNSW and TRC as a multidisciplinary team was a very enjoyable and highly productive experience.

The project and particularly the mapping have been a revelation in the tourism sector. DSNSW is now looking to extend the project into a second stage and there is interest in the product from other regions.


Strategic Tourism Analysis


Destination Southern NSW


Project lead




February to July 2019

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