MidCoast Council Landslip Remediation Works

In March 2021 the Midcoast Council Local Government Agency (LGA) suffered significant damage to local infrastructure as a result of severe wet weather and flooding. The works proposed are being procured in accordance with the NSW Natural Disaster Essential Public Asset Restoration Guidelines (2018).  

WolfPeak were engaged to undertake 23 environmental assessments for landslips in the upper portion of the LGA. This work involved working closely with the project manager to have a complete understanding of the works involve for each site and tailor the level of assessment to the level of impacts the works would have on the surrounding environment.


MidCoast Council Landslip Remediation Works


MidCoast Council


Environmental Assessments


$10 million


August 2021 to mid-2022

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EIS management and technical review

Tender support

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP)

Construction phase expertise

Independent Environmental Representative support