Inland Rail CEMP Templates and Guidance

ARTC Inland Rail is responsible for the construction of the inland rail freight line connecting Brisbane and Melbourne. The NSW segment of the project has been divided into seven separate work packages which will all be approved and constructed at different times. Each package could be won by a different construction contractor. This opens up the possibility for a lot of variation in quality and approach of environmental management documentation.

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To maximise quality, consistency and efficiency ARTC engaged WolfPeak to develop a set of CEMP and subplan templates that ARTC could provide to contractors. This was a fantastic opportunity to draw on our extensive experience of developing, reviewing and using CEMPs and sub-plans. We took this chance to develop the templates and guidance we always wanted to see.

ARTC came onboard with this vision. As part of the work we also consulted with Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to understand their vision for CEMPs and sub-plans. The project has delivered an outstanding set of templates and guidance underpinned by a risk assessment tool that drives environmental management.


Inland Rail CEMP Templates and Guidance


ARTC Inland Rail


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January to June 2019

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