Eden and Moree LALC Activation

In partnership with the Department of Planning and Environment – Closing the Gap Coordination and Delivery Taskforce (DPE CtG), and the Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), WolfPeak coordinated a Land Activation project in Eden and Moree.

Aboriginal Land in Eden, NSW

WolfPeak were engaged to design, facilitate and document a process that enables conversations about the land in Eden and Moree under Aboriginal ownership or Native Title.

The Project sought to define a vision for the short-, medium- and long-term growth and prosperity of the Eden area and ensure that Aboriginal community aspirations are a key part of this. At the core of WolfPeak’s involvement in Aboriginal affairs is the belief that self-determination of Aboriginal people is critical to improving outcomes at the system, service and family levels.

To uncover the best approach, WolfPeak staff undertook scoping of political limitations, site visits to all land of interest in Moree and Eden, extensive stakeholder engagement and facilitated collaborative workshops to establish a meaningful direction.

The project ultimately created a ‘Land Activation Roadmap’ to provide the community with a valued product from the DPE CtG that supports ongoing engagement on these otherwise unoccupied lands. The Land Activation Roadmap outlines the pathway forward for the Local Aboriginal Land Councils and the Native Title Groups to ‘activate’ their lands by way of establishing a culturally sensitive strategic use for them that aligns with the desires of the community.


Eden and Moree LALC Activation


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6 months, 2023

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