Bundian Way Business Case

The Bundian is the best preserved of the ancient east–west Aboriginal routes of southeastern Australia. It stretches from the highest point on the Australian continent, Targangal (Mount Kosciuszko), to the sea at Bilgalera (Fisheries Beach) on Twofold Bay.

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WolfPeak was engaged by the Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council (ELALC) and the Department of Premier and Cabinet to develop the business case to obtain funding for the constriction of Node 1 from Jigamy Farm to Bilgalera.

WolfPeak took a creative approach to the delivery of the project. A local aboriginal person with great knowledge of the region and track was employed by WolfPeak. He gave the rest of the team a greater understanding of the walking track’s cultural significance and the reasons for its development. This approach produced a very committed and focused team which was able to deliver a business case that was what the ELALC wanted, was exceptional value for money and very strongly justified the funding of the track.

WolfPeak was thrilled when the Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council was awarded a grant of $7.1 million to develop the Bundian Way walking track.


Bundian Way Business Case


Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council/ Department of Premier and Cabinet


Business Case Development




June 2018 to December 2018

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