Ammaroo Phosphate Mine EIS Advice

WolfPeak has been engaged by the Central Land Council (CLC) to work with the Traditional Owners (TOs) and the CLC to respond to a proposed phosphate mine and fertiliser production plant on Aboriginal-held lands.

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As a first stage, WolfPeak was engaged to work with the CLC and TOs to respond to the Project Referral documentation provided by the mine operator, which is the first step in the Northern Territory EPA’s Environmental Impact Assessment process.

WolfPeak conducted extensive consultation with the CLC and engaged a range of technical experts to analyse the Project Referral documentation and determine if a further, more detailed and contemporaneous EIS was required for the proposed project. This submission was successful with the NTEPA requiring a full Environmental Impact Assessment be prepared for the proposed project.

WolfPeak has been engaged again by the CLC to conduct extensive on Country consultation with TOs and to help prepare the CLC’s response to the Environmental Impact Assessment for the project. The on Country consultation is scheduled for mid-2023, pending the release of the Environmental Impact Assessment documentation by the NTEPA.


Ammaroo Phosphate Mine EIS Advice


Central Land Council


Project Referral Analysis




3 months, 2023

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