Leonie Stevenson

Senior Ecologist

Leonie Stevenson is an ecologist with more than eight years’ experience working in a range of terrestrial and aquatic environments across Australia. Leonie has extensive experience in conducting comprehensive fauna surveys, ecological monitoring assessments, habitat assessments, pre-clearance surveys, clearing supervision/fauna spotting, BAM plots and baseline monitoring surveys. Leonie has a comprehensive knowledge of both State and Federal Legislation, having prepared many ecological impact assessments, Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports (BDARs), monitoring reports, constraints assessments, EPBC Act Matters of National Environmental Significance assessments, Koala Habitat Protection SEPP assessments and management plans.
Leonie also has extensive experience in data processing and analysis, quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) of data, database management and is an accomplished spatial analyst (ArcGIS and QGIS).
Leonie Stevenson

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Environmental field surveys

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Flora and fauna identification

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Scientific report writing

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Ecological Impact assessment

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Natural resources management

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Spatial analysis and GIS

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Bachelor of Science (Majoring in Marine Biology), Griffith University

NSW Government Planning, Industry & Environment
NSW BAM Accredited Assessor
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