Bundian Way Business Case

The Bundian is the best preserved of the ancient east–west Aboriginal routes of southeastern Australia. It stretches from the highest point on the Australian continent, Targangal (Mount Kosciuszko), to the sea at Bilgalera (Fisheries Beach) on Twofold Bay. READ CASE STUDY Images sourced from Visit NSW GOALS WolfPeak was engaged by the Eden Local Aboriginal […]

Strategic Tourism Analysis

DSNSW wanted to take a more strategic approach to investment in the development and support of tourism product in the DSNSW region. The region covers the south eastern portion of NSW and includes eight local government area. READ CASE STUDY GOALS WolfPeak was engaged with TRC tourism (a specialist tourism consultant) to improve DSNSWs strategic […]

Inland Rail CEMP Templates and Guidance

ARTC Inland Rail is responsible for the construction of the inland rail freight line connecting Brisbane and Melbourne. The NSW segment of the project has been divided into seven separate work packages which will all be approved and constructed at different times. Each package could be won by a different construction contractor. This opens up […]