What Is Your Industry’s Green Niche?

There are very few industries where sustainability can’t be harnessed as a competitive advantage, thus creating “green niches” for businesses to adopt. If your business has fallen into a slump or stagnation in recent years, you’re likely seeking ways to reinvent your offering. You could try targeting a new audience, rebranding, investing in R&D, or […]

Simple Solutions for Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability

The journey to corporate sustainability is rarely an easy or straightforward process, however, this doesn’t excuse any Australian organisation from doing its best to become sustainable. To keep the process moving for your business, our team has compiled some tips which most businesses can apply to their context in their own way. Not all businesses […]

How Your Business Can Become More Sustainable

How your business can become more sustainable

Every business can have a more positive impact on the environment, regardless of its size or industry.  That’s a firm belief of everyone at WolfPeak and underpins our dedication to providing environmental consulting services to meet your business where it’s at. Whether you have multiple offices across borders or you’ve just started a new business at the […]

The climate opportunity: Reimagining the planet and our place in it

native australian rainforest eucalyptuz trees and ferns

As we face the real possibility of catastrophic climate change, Tim Stubbs, Director and Principal Environmental Engineer at WolfPeak, says we must move beyond resilience and the mentality of more to embrace a fundamental mindset shift in how we see the world and our role in it.   If we’re to successfully limit global warming, real […]

Nothing is an Accident

lake lyell blue mountains nsw australia

Written by Tim Stubbs, Director, Principal Environmental Engineer Nothing is an accident. When you next walk outside, stop and take a good look at whatever part of the natural world you can see around you. Then close your eyes and feel the breeze and the sun, or maybe you can feel the gentle touch of […]

Sustainability for SMBs: What is carbon emissions measurement?

Sustainability for SMBs: What is carbon emissions measurement?

Every journey begins with a first step. Transforming your business into a sustainability superstar starts with carbon emissions measurement. Here’s how WolfPeak can help. The battle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change is well and truly on – and Australian businesses are rolling into action. More than half of […]

How to deliver credible climate action and disclosure to achieve net zero emissions

deliver credible climate action

Written by Elly Pattison, Senior Sustainability Consultant In recent years, there has been a proliferation of cities, corporates, and nations pledging to achieve net zero emissions sometime before 2050. 91% of global GDP is now captured by national government net-zero targets. This is also reflected in the corporate space, with over one-third of the world’s […]

Employee Spotlight: Sustainability leadership with Ann Azzopardi

Ann Azzopardi

Ann Azzopardi – Principal Sustainability Consultant Ann has worked on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects, including the $2.6-billion Sydney Gateway project and the $2.8-billion Sydney Metro City & Southwest tunnelling works. Working as Project Sustainability Manager on the latter, Ann led the team to win the ‘ISC Outstanding Achievement in Infrastructure Sustainability Award’ in […]

WolfPeak’s ISupply news.

john lockwood

WolfPeak has had proven experience in delivering leading IS Rating success on major projects throughout NSW and is a proud member of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

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