How We Conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment

Our team is constantly balancing the betterment of our environment and economy, finding ways to streamline clients’ projects with a positive impact for all. This often involves conducting an environmental impact assessment (EIA) which proves to stakeholders, landowners, and the general public that a company is acting responsibly and sustainably.  At WolfPeak, we’ve become experts […]

The Relationship Between the Environment and Economy

Environment and Economy

The debate on balancing environmental conservation with economic growth has continued for decades and it sometimes feels as if the scales are well out. Other times, however, we consult with clients who truly understand the symbiotic relationship between the environment and the economy. No matter where you sit on the belief that one should not […]

How the 2023 Federal Budget Benefits the Environment

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How the 2023 Federal Budget Benefits the Environment No matter where you sit on the political spectrum, the environment doesn’t care, science doesn’t care and the hastening effects of climate change don’t care. All that matters to them is if humans will or will not invest in the technology, infrastructure, education, and processes required to […]

World Environment Day: What, Why, How Can I Help?

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World Environment Day: What, Why, How Can I Help? There has always been “only one Earth”, as was reinforced in 1972 at the United Nations (UN) Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm. However, this phrase has become increasingly important over the last 50 years. The concept of World Environment Day was put forth by […]

In the Office with David Stubbs: Minimising environmental impact one project at a time

David Stubbs

David Stubbs – Environmental Consultant David Stubbs is an experienced environmental consultant and project manager. He has spent the last decade writing and implementing environment management plans on major civil infrastructure projects across the natural resources, transport and forestry industries. David also has extensive experience driving responsible environmental management on projects for local Councils, Soil […]

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