The Vital Role of Wetlands 

walking on wetlands

World Wetlands Day is an excellent time to recognise one of the unsung heroes of the Earth – wetlands. Wetlands are among the most productive and biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet. They serve many important ecological functions, filtering pollutants and improving water quality. They also act as critical buffers against floods, absorbing excess rainfall […]

WolfPeak is helping save critically endangered shorebirds

mary kapka

WolfPeak is helping the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service save threatened shorebird species. Australia’s Eastern Curlew is fighting a battle for survival. The world’s largest shorebird begins life in Russia and north-eastern China, then embarks on an annual summer migration to warm southern feeding grounds. One of those feeding grounds is Pelican Island, located […]

Biodiversity in your backyard


It is now more important than ever to increase our local biodiversity, and what better place to start than in your own backyard! The recent State of the Environment Report has revealed some worrying trends in biodiversity loss, as well as highlighting that there are now more introduced species than native species in Australia. Habitat […]

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